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Make a Difference in the Community

Volunteering at St. Joseph Home is essential for enhancing the care experience, providing support and companionship, fostering community engagement, supplementing staff efforts, promoting personal growth, and building a network of advocates.

Together, volunteers and staff members work hand in hand to create a nurturing and empowering environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

One-Time Service

Coming Soon



On-going Service

Clerical Work

Weekdays 9-3pm 

    • Assist with clerical tasks as needed in admin depts

Agency Needs

  • Time flexible/varies
  • Maintenance projects & landscaping
  • Do you have any special talents, skills or experience you’d like to share? Please let us know.
  • Assist at SJH events including an annual 5K in the spring and our golf classic in the fall

“The St. Joseph Home community is built on love, kindness and faith. This is where individual differences and abilities are nurtured and celebrated! Life here is a blessing and my family is privileged to be a small part of it.”

-Ann Keefe, Former Board Chair

“We believe in this mission and ministry and want to support SJH, not only financially, but with our time.”

-The Doergers, St. Joseph Home Donors & Volunteers

“Our family believes that every human being has a purpose in life and deserves every possible opportunity to learn, be loved and thrive in their environment. St. Joseph Home makes those possibilities real.”

-The Richters, St. Joseph Home Donors

“We support St. Joseph Home because everyone who is involved is so incredibly passionate and committed, and because it’s a place where we feel like we are a part of the community.”

-The Robbins, St. Joseph Home Donors

"St. Joseph Home is the type of organization that provides care, support, and love for its residents and their families. It is a privilege to continue to support this wonderful organization that my dad also contributed to."