St. Joseph Home Awarded $26,000 Grant from Spaulding Foundation

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St. Joseph Home Awarded $26,000 Grant from Spaulding Foundation

St. Joseph Home was recently awarded $26,548 by the Spaulding Foundation to help fund our Therapeutic Tub Replacement Project. 

While living in a standard long-term care facility, it’s typical for a person to receive a bath once per week. At St. Joseph Home, each resident’s care plan includes a daily, full immersion bath where they feel the benefits of both the warm jet therapy and the hygiene care that anyone expects as they start their day with dignity. 

Over 25 years ago, we invested in two high-tech Therapeutic Jet Tubs for each residential cottage to raise our standard of care. Residents who have neurological diagnoses, orthopedic conditions, arthritis, chronic pain and impaired circulation can greatly benefit from the warm water therapy. Immersion in the digitally maintained, temperature controlled water combined with air jets has proven to decrease pain while increasing comfort by elevating the blood supply to muscles. 

The tubs are adjustable for the ideal height and offer side entry access compatible with our mobile lifts to ensure a safe transfer from a wheelchair. A single DSP (Direct Support Professional) can safely manage the entire bath which involves no manual lifting, strain or stress – decreasing the likelihood of injury for staff and residents. 

Thank you to the Spaulding Foundation for partnering with us in purchasing two new replacement tubs – an investment in the highest quality care for people with complex disabilities!