Saluting our Team during Annual Environmental Services Week

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Saluting our Team during Annual Environmental Services Week

Hats off to—Celine Bray, Kim Hollenshead, Britney Smith, Sheila Love, and De’Asia Harris. They are the folks you might rarely see, but evidence of their effort and care is everywhere! 

Facilities Director Drew Curtis says, “I would like to thank this team for their hard work, dedication and attention to detail in providing a clean and sanitary environment for those that we serve.  The EVS team does an amazing job of maintaining such a large facility that operates 24/7. Their dedication and hard work is on display here every single day.”

VP of Development Jordan Huizenga said, “The standard of care that we have for our building and our space shows how much we care for the people who live here. Bringing people in on a tour, people notice that while walking through the halls thanks to our EVS team.” COO Eunice Timoney Ravenna agrees that guests are always mentioning how clean the building is.

Guests are not not the only ones who notice. Members of all the direct care teams spoke up saying ‘we notice and appreciate you.’

Program Director Jeni Rolfes says, “The EVS team is incredible. It’s more than just cleaning, it is a passionate care for our residents. Operations and EVS support each other and they do a great job collaborating with us.”

Charlie Rusk, Program Services Manager, sums it up perfectly saying, “They always step up and go above and beyond. The EVS team are the secret behind-the-scene superheroes.”

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