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Ventilator Services

Supporting Life Beyond the Bed

The pediatric and adult ventilator services at St. Joseph Home are flexible care options for those who need full or partial ventilator support. With our highly trained staff present 24/7, we make living beyond the bedroom a priority.

Each resident who is ventilator dependent receives one bedside ventilator for their room and a second, portable ventilator that attaches to their wheelchair. By removing this boundary, residents can go to school or a day program, visit with family outside of the cottage and enjoy a rich community life.


Outside of a hospital or 24/7 in-home care, there aren’t many options for a family when their child is born needing a ventilator. At St. Joseph Home, we collaborate with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide clinically based best practices and trusted care as children with ventilators grow. The Pediatric Ventilator Unit accepts a variety of infants and children with diverse diagnoses. While our goal is to wean children of the ventilator and equip families for at-home living, we know this isn’t always the case and have options available for continued care in our cottages.


With advancing medical technology, there are more adults with disabilities needing complex medical care. Our Adult Ventilator Unit is focused on maintaining a healthy stability as a need for a ventilator is often developed later in life. Where possible, our Respiratory Therapist works with residents to wean partially or completely off the ventilator.

Other Services

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