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Supporting Families, Thanks to You!

The Harold C. Schott Respite Center



Think back to the last time you needed help caring for yourself or for a loved one. Who was on your call list? Maybe you had relatives nearby, neighbors down the street, or friends just a text away. For families caring for a loved one with a complex disability at home, finding support can feel insurmountable many days. Tucked near the back of our main campus, the Harold C. Schott Respite Center welcomes short term guests nearly every day of the year, helping fill the support gaps felt by over 100 families in Hamilton County alone. 



The Respite Center runs as a highly sought after, fully staffed and medically equipped hotel of sorts for individuals living with disability.  Parents and guardians can use the service for up to two weeks at a time – providing rest for the caregivers. 

Each new family to Respite starts with a pen and paper application, detailing their loved one’s daily schedule, care needs, support challenges and the unique comforts of home life. As a part of the process, new guests undergo a 24-hour trial stay. This initial time is for the guest to get to know us, and for us to get to know them. It helps them become more familiar with what it’s like here and to see if they’re comfortable staying in a new environment. For many, it’s their first time being away from family. 

Families may be prompted to seek our Respite service for a variety of reasons, but every family has the same goal – rest.

 “Respite is all about having the ability to take a break,” said Greg Cox, Director of Community Services.  “Some of these families have other young children who also have high care needs. All spouses need one-on-one time with each other. Or, it could just be someone needs a break from the physical demand of lifting and caring for someone at home.”  But reaching that decision can be a difficult process.

The path of seeking support can be a very emotional, growing experience for a family. It’s not uncommon for us to see a family come in for a tour, fill out the paperwork and then a long gap before we see them again. We understand that it may take a few times trying to start before a family is ready for their stay and encourage parents and guardians to come in as many times as they want, to ask as many questions as possible. We’re here to help.

Every family has their own first step in seeking support. Because of your donations, families in our community can take that step through Respite without having to worry if they can cover the cost for their family’s rest.