PPE and the Cost of Safety

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PPE and the Cost of Safety

All St. Joseph Home service lines maintained a healthy stock of PPE (personal protective equipment) before COVID-19. But right now, a “healthy stock” means more quantity and cost.

With resident and staff safety always top of mind, we use an average of 50 surgical masks each day to keep our Cottages and Community Home running with the highest level of sanitation possible.


In 2019, a surgical mask cost about 6 cents. As of May 2020, one mask now costs $1.00. KN95 (the hardest to find and most important PPE) previously cost 90 cents but the price now hovers around $4.75 per mask.  No increase in state funding paired with the loss of organizational revenue from shutting our community services means we’re relying on the generosity of our donors to make sure we have the right PPE.


As of June 1st, we’ve had no active cases of COVID-19.


Thank you for giving to St. Joseph Home. Now more than ever, your donation means the health and safety of those we serve and the staff that provide hands-on care.