St. Joseph Home

Pillars In Action: Gentle Presence

Lately you may have noticed that the ceiling tiles within the resident cottages have become a lot more colorful!  We have a group of gifted staff who have been creating beautiful works of art by personalizing a ceiling tile for each resident in all of the cottages.  I was just astounded when I saw some of the art work that has been created – Superheros, Princess, Sports and all kinds of fun themes.  Whether relaxing in a cottage living area or resting in their bedroom, residents are able to enjoy and be inspired by these very cool creations.

It was also brought to my attention that family of one of our residents was especially touched when she saw the tile that was painted for her daughter.  Thank you to our amazing Direct Support Professionals; Maria, Emily, Johnita, Kimora, Erin, Emma and Deja as well as Nurse Kaitlyn and Activities Assistant Mal for your hard work and effort to transform a simple ceiling tile into a personalized and meaningful experience for our residents.

Terry Jasper, SJH Resident Life Coordinator