Residential Program

Serving non-ambulatory, non-verbal and medically fragile infants, children and adults

St. Joseph Home is the only home in Hamilton County serving non-ambulatory, non-verbal and medically fragile infants, children and adults. Our residents range in age from infancy to adulthood. Because we are licensed by the State of Ohio for 48 residents, we consistently maintain a waiting list for admission.

Our residential areas are divided into six cottages, all of which have four semi-private bedrooms. Each cottage has a kitchen and a living area, or great room, used for eating as well as watching TV, playing games, or just relaxing after school or workshop. Direct care staff assist the residents with preparing in the morning for workshop or school, and are there in the afternoon to bring the residents back in from the buses.

All St. Joseph Home school-aged residents attend either a county special needs school or St. Joseph Home Academy, our on-site school program for those too young or too medically fragile to leave our campus. Older residents attend a workshop program that is specially designed to allow those with severe or profound disabilities to achieve the dignity and purpose that comes with employment. St. Joseph Home holds a Summer Camp program for school-aged residents to keep them active and stimulated between school years.

A family's decision to place their child at St. Joseph Home is always a difficult but loving one, and often comes after the child grows too heavy or large for a family to lift and take care of by themselves. Some families take advantage of our respite center services prior to placing their child permanently with St. Joseph Home, so they gain knowledge of the services provided and trust in the loving care their child receives.

For more information about the Residential Program, contact Theresa Brockert, RN, at (513) 563-2520.