NEW! Possibility Post- July update (video)

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NEW! Possibility Post- July update (video)

NEW: Possibility Post


Welcome to our new monthly series, Possibility Post!


Each month, you will meet a new member of the SJH community to share all the good news happening at SJH for the previous month.




Hey, members of the St. Joseph Home community, I just wanted to share our excitement, my excitement about our new series of monthly videos that we’re going to be sharing with you. We’re calling them possibility posts and they’re opportunities to share what’s going on at St. Joseph Home, what are the good things happened in the last month. And so, this is our very first one. If you don’t know me, my name is Dan Connors and I’m the president and CEO. But you’ll hear from a lot of different folks in the organization and connected to the organization through these possibility posts.

So as I think of the last month and some of the fun things that we’ve had going on. We had a Good Green Earth Farms out to do a petting zoo and that was just an amazing time to see our residents and participants get to interact with the animals and we’re so grateful to him for the opportunity to partner with him. Keep in mind he is doing a goat yoga. Yeah, that is a thing. Goat yoga. He’s going to be bringing in his animals out to do that. So we’re going to be look for that in the near future and then we’ve had other just fun things going on with our resident summer camp.

We’ve had a dunk tank, we’ve had different kinds of games and activities and it’s just been a great time and we’re having a great summer here at St. Joseph Home. We also are excited with our Alice House, our new partnership with the Hamilton County Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide emergency and planned respite for members of the Hamilton County community that’s going well and it’s gotten off and it’s just doing fantastic. And then our most our newest venture is that we’re going to be opening up a new home. And Loveland, that’s going to give 4 individuals the opportunity to get residential services and we’re super excited about that. So a lot going on in the summer, we’re having a great summer and and look forward to our next possibility post.

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