Possibility Post- August Update (video)

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Possibility Post- August Update (video)

Possibility Post


Welcome to our monthly series, Possibility Post!


Each month, you will meet a new member of the SJH community to share all the good news happening at SJH for the previous month.




Welcome to the August Possibility Post for St. Joseph Home. My name is Eunice Timoney Ravenna, and I’m so happy to share some good news with you today. Like many of you or your neighbors, you are starting the school year off. It is August and school is moving. Same here at St. Joseph Home, At the ICF, we have students that have entered kindergarten. We have students in elementary school, and we have a few students in high school. We’re excited last week, folks got to head out and continue to learn and grow with their peers in their school. We’re very excited for them. Learning for everyone. We’re very excited that we were able to send three of our managers from our leadership team to crisis prevention training last month. It was a train the trainer model, so now they’re back, putting their training together for the rest of the team, and we’re very excited to be able to have that as a new tool so we can better support and serve those in all our ministries, including Alice House, Day Programs and Community Homes. One thing you may have seen lately is we’ve had the 10th anniversary of the Blue Ash Day program. Our Day program services started 10 years ago in our first building and our first service area was in fact Blue Ash where we are still, we had a wonderful party last Thursday where friends and family and neighbors all got to join together. What was also fantastic is the next day, the day program staff from across the lines of services were able to join together. They took time to go up to. Camp Joy and they were able to spend time strategizing, planning and team building. Those types of moments are really important. We’re so grateful for your friendship and thank you for watching this clip.

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