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Planned Giving

Creating a Legacy of Impact

Designating St. Joseph Home of Cincinnati in your will or other planned gift is easier than you might think. Your gift ensures the future of St. Joseph Home as we continue to serve people with complex disabilities – impacting lives now and for years to come.
What is Planned Giving?

Simply put, a planned gift is a donation to a nonprofit of your choosing that is arranged now and given at a future date. Commonly donated through a will or trust, planned gifts are most often given after a donor’s lifetime. All planned giving options give you either a tax break now or in the future.

Planned gifts often allow the flexibility of providing for your family first while also supporting the causes you love well into the future.

Most Popular Planned Gift Options

Naming St. Joseph Home as a Beneficiary in Your Will, Trust or Life Insurance Policy

Your donation to support St. Joseph Home through your will, trust or life insurance policy can be setup in as little as one sentence. By naming St. Joseph Home as a beneficiary in your will, living trust or life insurance policy you’ll help to secure quality care for those with complex disabilities for generations to come. Simply include our legal name and a percentage or amount you’d like to allocate in the document itself.

IRAs and Life Insurance Policies

During your lifetime, you can easily rollover part or all of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA to St. Joseph Home via a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), also known as a Charitable Rollover:

You’ll pay no income tax on the rollover amount and can also lower your annual income level.

This is an easy way for you to support St. Joseph Home after you turn 70 ½ up to $100,000.

Beginning in 2020, per The SECURE Act of 2019, you don’t need to begin taking out your RMD until age 72. However, beginning at age 70 ½, you can still easily take out a QCD benefiting SJH up to $100,000. The amount you give is excluded from your taxable income for that year.

Just contact your IRA administrator and request a check be issued directly from your IRA payable to St. Joseph Home. You can request the check be mailed to us, or forward the check to St. Joseph Home yourself.

Consider charitable donations of IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement assets as a way to support St. Joseph Home after your lifetime because they can mean significantly less taxes will be paid by your heirs and/or your estate.

Appreciated Stocks

You can donate shares of appreciated stocks, benefit SJH and avoid all capital gains taxes on those shares! If you planned on giving a gift of cash, you can give appreciated stock valued at that amount avoiding capital gains taxes. On the same day, take the cash you would’ve given and buy the same number of shares in the stock you donated erasing any appreciation, but still ending up with the same number of shares in your portfolio.

Just contact your broker and ask that she/he transfer the number of shares in the stock you’d like to donate. You will need to include our official name, address, tax exempt number and our UBS account number. (Please see bottom of page for details)

Other Gift Options

St. Joseph Home can also accept planned gifts in these forms:
• Commercial Annuities
• Charitable Gift Annuities
• Real estate
• Tangible personal property

Have questions about Planned Giving or interested in sharing your wishes?

Contact Lucienne Driehaus, Chief Development Officer, at (513) 563-2520 ext. 124 or reach out using form below.

    Important Information for Your Financial & Legal Advisors

    Legal Name: St. Joseph Infant and Maternity Home
    Address: Wyscarver Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
    Federal Tax ID Number: 31-0536703
    For transfer of appreciated stock: UBS Account #WL02255, DTC Number 0221