St. Joseph Home Adult Day Programs Re-Open

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St. Joseph Home Adult Day Programs Re-Open

On April 12, the sounds of karaoke, cheers for darts’ bulls-eyes, percussion instruments and more filled the Blue Ash location which serves 40, with a focus on in-house experiences, and the Sharonville location, which serves 28 participants who interact in the community regularly. Both programs are open and following COVID-19 guidelines from the Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities.

Vice President of Community Services, Becky Watson, said, “We are thrilled and grateful to be able to offer services again.  Most returnees are starting part-time and will increase participation as families see how it works getting back into the more normal routine of life again.”

 Director of Day Programs, John van Gilse, said, “Opening the doors today is one of the best moments I’ve had during this pandemic. We invite area families to check St. Joseph Home Adult Day programs to see if they meet their families’ needs.”

Tammy Jackson, Community Services Coordinator at Sharonville, was excited to see so many familiar faces. During the pandemic she worked where needed at other St. Joseph Home facilities. She said, “I’m happy to be flexible, but my heart is here, creating opportunities in the day program.  Our folks have been limited for more than a year. Now we’ll be able to do things and safely ease back into the community to go places again.”

Shyanne Reid, Site Manager at Blue Ash shared highlights of the small group experiences that participants enjoy there—a relaxation area, indoor gardening area, a fish tank and more. She said, “One of our most popular things to do is cook together.  In May we go outside, and grow a sensory garden and herbs and use the herbs in our cooking.”

She added, “This past year has been a journey. While I have worked at the St. Joseph Community Home and met a lot of new people, I am happy to be back with the team I’ve worked with for the past five years. Many of our folks were gone for a year and I’m glad we’re back together now.”

The programs are yet not open to volunteers, but we anticipate opening to the usual volunteer participation in the near future.