Adult Day Program takes on new service project

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Adult Day Program takes on new service project

When thinking about ‘community service,’ at St. Joseph Home, what probably comes to mind first is all the tremendous volunteers—individuals, groups, and businesses—who support our residents with their community service activities.

And, of course, community service not only helps the community, being part of it also can have a great positive impact on an individual. Doing community service helps build bonds and connections with others, outside of usual circles. 

That’s why we’re excited about a new way we’re looking at ‘community service,’ through the eyes of the participants in our Adult Day Program site in Sharonville, where they have volunteered to take on a new service activity, according to John van Gilse, St. Joseph Home Director of Day Services.

As of March, 2022, they are taking care all of the plants found in the common areas of the entire seven-story office building where the Adult Day Program is housed.

Bob, a member of the property management team that cares for the building, noted the impact the service project has had already, saying, “We are grateful to St. Joseph Home Adult Day Program participants for taking over the plant care throughout our building. The other occupants of Sharonview Corporate Center have already commented on the improved appearance of the planters.”

We are eager to see all of the plants grow through our new project.

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