St. Joseph Home


St. Joseph Home creates a home for non-ambulatory children and adults who have severe/profound developmental disabilities. The Home, a non-profit ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, offers a creative, loving environment for those in the residential and respite programs. Attention to the individual’s medical, social, educational and spiritual development reveals the uniqueness of each person. Compassionate care and respect for the dignity of life are the hallmarks of St. Joseph Home.


Brief History of St. Joseph Home of Cincinnati

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati established St. Joseph Infant Asylum in 1873 to serve as a maternity home for young women as well as a foundling home for infants, mostly serving young unwed mothers.

It originally included a maternity hospital that also served other pregnant women in its neighborhood of Reading Road and Tennessee Avenue.

When the maternity hospital section closed in 1954, the name was changed to St. Joseph Infant and Maternity Home. In 1967, the Home moved to Sharonville, located in northern Hamilton County.  An on-campus high school was opened, where young women waiting to give birth could attend accredited classes.

As the numbers of young women needing services dramatically declined, the Home, sensing the changing needs of our society, initiated a program in 1976 for children with severe/profound developmental disabilities.