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About Us

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A Nonprofit Ministry
Serving Those With Complex Disabilities

We provide systems of support for those with complex disabilities and their families

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Individualized Care
To Support A Full Life

Our person-centered approach is foundational to our services – making sure wants and needs are considered equal

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Top Level Medical Acuity
Providing Care You Can Trust

Our highly trained medical directors and nursing staff ensure each person’s best health 24/7

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Community Engagement
Self & Staff Directed

We focus on providing the necessary support for each person to have the community life they want

Serving Unmet Needs Since 1873
Adapting to the Needs
of the community

St. Joseph Home creates a home for infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities who have complex support needs and use a wheelchair for mobility. The Home, a nonprofit ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, focuses attention on the individual’s medical, social, educational and spiritual development, revealing the uniqueness and giftedness of each person. Compassionate care and respect for the dignity of life are the hallmarks of St. Joseph Home.

Leadership & Staff

Dan Connors
President & CEO
Eunice Timoney Ravenna
Chief Operating Officer
Janet Neidhard
Chief Financial Officer
Jordan Huizenga
VP of Advancement

“The daily contact and care given by St. Joseph Home to our son, John, lets us be more of a family than care-givers.”

-Ralph and Anne Chambers, Parents of a St. Joseph Home Resident

“The St. Joseph Home community is built on love, kindness and faith. This is where individual differences and abilities are nurtured and celebrated! Life here is a blessing and my family is privileged to be a small part of it.”

-Ann Keefe, Board Chair

“We believe in this mission and ministry and want to support SJH, not only financially, but with our time.”

-The Doergers, St. Joseph Home Donors & Volunteers

“Our family believes that every human being has a purpose in life and deserves every possible opportunity to learn, be loved and thrive in their environment. St. Joseph Home makes those possibilities real.”

-The Richters, St. Joseph Home Donors

“We support St. Joseph Home because everyone who is involved is so incredibly passionate and committed, and because it’s a place where we feel like we are a part of the community.”

-The Robbins, St. Joseph Home Donors

"St. Joseph Home is the type of organization that provides care, support, and love for its residents and their families. It is a privilege to continue to support this wonderful organization that my dad also contributed to."


Our Mission

What We Do
St. Joseph Home is a Cincinnati based nonprofit that provides much needed support systems for people with complex disabilities and their families. Through our residential, respite and day programs, we fill a variety of unmet needs.
What We Value
We value the individuality of every person as we advocate for their medical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Together, we form a community committed to raising the standard of care and making belonging a reality for everyone.
What We're Best At
Our main campus hosts our residential cottages, respite center and our community home while our two adult day programs are located nearby in Sharonville and Blue Ash. We serve the Tri-State area.
To Provide Well Rounded Care
Our mission is to care for our residents’ medical needs, but also to give attention to their social, educational, habilitative, and spiritual development. St. Joseph Home residents attend school or workshop, and participate in a variety of activities and community outings and programs.
Helping To Transition from Home Care
A family’s decision to place their child at St. Joseph Home is always a difficult one, and often comes after the child grows too heavy or large for a family to lift and take care of by themselves. Some families take advantage of our respite center services prior to placing their child permanently with St. Joseph Home, so they gain knowledge of the services provided and trust in the loving care their child receives.
Offering One of A Kind Sevices
St. Joseph Home is the only agency in Hamilton County serving non-ambulatory, non-verbal and medically fragile infants, children and adults. Our Harold C. Schott Respite Center provides short-term care for up to eight children or young adults at a time. Our new Adult Day Program provides recreational and leisure activities with a focus on community integration for our adult residents.