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Our 4 Pillars

St. Joseph Home is guided by the following principles: Community, Gentle Teaching, Servant Leadership and Heritage.



Community is a place of belonging, a place where people are earthed and find their identity. Communities are open to others, remain vulnerable and humble, grow in love, in compassion, and in humility. Jesus welcomed all to community,  to the table – to BE served.



Gentle Teaching is about unconditional love-going from the heart, not the head. It is based on caregivers changing themselves, finding their gentle spirit; to help others feel safe and loved. Taught by John McGee, PhD we understand all humans are created with one desire, to love and to be loved.



The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Jesus is a servant leader, not motivated by his personal desire for power or status, but to serve.  Jesus was prepared to serve everyone.



St. Joseph Home, founded and sponsored by The Sisters of Charity, has a strong Catholic heritage.  Partners in Ministry, the Sisters of Charity help us live out our mission each day.

St. Joseph Home has been a good place for John to grow up. He gets a lot of activity here and if you know John, he likes to be active. SJH has impacted him to keeping him happy and that’s what we want, for John to be happy. Dr. Greg Bruchs (SJH Parent)

Success Story

Possibility Progress

These stories of possibility have come to fruition through the St Joseph Home Possibility Fund.

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Community Conversations

Being Supportive…

July 7, 2016

Since the Harold C. Schott Respite Center opened its doors in 1998, more than 200 families have taken part in the program.  Individual visits range from a couple days to around a week.  The time at SJH provides families the ability to have a physical and emotional break from the demands of caring for a. . .

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St. Joseph Home Family Picnic
Working at St. Joseph Home